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Log Home Corner Detail
  1. The exclusive Colorado Corner has the look of a full saddle notch corner, while providing the structural integrity of a double mortise-and-tenon (as in fine cabinet joinery).

  2. All horizontal and vertical log joints are
    double-air-and-moisture sealed utilizing ButyLog®.  This system creates an air-tight, permanent seal without need for caulk or chink.

  3. Log courses and corner joints are secured with 12” Assy® Screws.

  4. A 2 1/2” x 4 1/2” cedar window or door buck with aluminum L-channel allows for all movement, both expansion and contraction.
  • Cedar has less checking, settling and shrinking than common pine and spruce. 
  • Cedar has 1.5 times the insulation value of pine, spruce and other whitewood.
  • Cedar is naturally resistant to insects, rot and decay. No chemicals or pesticides needed.
  • Cedar weighs 2/3 of pine, 1/2 of oak or cypress.  Construction is easier and faster.
  • 8" Cedar has twice the insulation value of 6" Pine.

Liberty Log Cabins Features