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15 - What size are the logs?
Our primary pre-cut cedar log is 10" high and 8" wide.

16 - What shape are the logs?
The 8" wide log has a contour profile on both sides: think of a set of parentheses ( ). We also have a flat profile on both sides.

17 - Can my logs be profiled to look more "rustic"?
Yes, Liberty Log Cabins also provides a hand hewn profile, which is literally hand draw knifed for a rustic appearance.

18 - How do you protect your wood?
We recommend a water-based acrylic. This puts an exterior coat on your logs that protects the logs from moisture and ultraviolet.

19 - How do we start the log home process?
Liberty Log Cabins will visit your site and help you design your log home. Each log home we do is custom designed for one client and then cut for that specific plan.

20 - What if our land is out-of-state?
We do offer an on-site evaluation and preliminary CAD plans on a fee basis. This fee is 100% applicable toward the purchase of a Liberty Log Cabins log package.

21 - Can we see an example of log home?
Of course. We like to show you log homes under construction. And we always have a log corner or two with us to demonstrate how the log system works. We believe it is a "system" - all the pieces we have discussed fit together.

22 - What if I already have a plan?
We can price the basic log package from a design we work on together or a plan that you already have.

23 - What is the Liberty Log Cabins' basic package?
We provide 10" pre-cut cedar logs, Eagle clad wood windows and doors, matching log siding for the second floor dormers and/or gables inside and outside (as priced in the $35-$45 per sq ft range), butyl seal, splines, lag screws, and metal T-channel windows and door bucks. Also included are construction blueprints, log layouts, and 2 days of technical service for the log start.

24 - What does this cost?
The Liberty Log Cabins package typically ranges from $35-45 per sq. ft. In Colorado - freight and tax is 3% of the log package price. Outside of Colorado - freight is 3% of the log package price, and any applicable sales or use tax is the responsibility of the customer.

25 - What about the other building materials?
Buying from the appropriate source (a nearby large chain-size lumber yard) saves substantial materials cost, and buying on an as-needed basis lowers interim finance charges.

26 - What is the contract procedure?
Liberty Log Cabins will price your basic package and take 10% down to do CAD plans. This will also hold your price for three months. Once plans are finalized, a 20% precut deposit is required approximately six weeks before log delivery. At delivery the balance is due by certified check.

27 - What happens at delivery and log stack?
The owner or contractor will have a forklift to unload the truck. Place as many log bundles as possible directly on the prepared subfloor. Liberty Log Cabins will be on site two days to supervise and instruct the proper way to put the logs together. A crew of four or five workers is recommended for the log stack.

28 - How about further help?
Instruction will be given for interior walls, cabinets and second floor settling allowance. Most things at this time are standard construction.

Frequently Asked Questions